Environmental Literacy                                        

      Michigan State University

Research Reports

2007 KSI Meeting

Anderson, C.W.(2007). Environmental Literacy Learning Progressions. (download paper)    (download abstract)    (download PPT)

General Abstract for Interactive Poster Session: Developing a Learning Progression for Environmental Literacy (download)    (download PPT)

Anderson, C.W., Mohan, L., Gunckel, K., Tsurusaki, B., Covitt, B., Wilson, C. & Jin. H. (2007) Poster Abstract: Can American Students Understand Global Climate Change? (download)   (download poster)

Tsurusaki, B. K., Covitt, B. & Anderson, C. W. (2007). Draft: Creating a K-12 Learning Progression for Environmentally Literate Citizenship: Developing Frameworks for Exploring Relationships among Student’ Identities, Understanding, and Reasoning about Issues (download)   (download poster)

Draney, K., Wilson, M., Choi, J. & Lee, Y. (2007). Developing progress variables and learning progressions for the Carbon Cycle (download poster)

Mohan, L. Chen, J. & Anderson, C. W. (2007). Draft: Developing a K-12 Learning Progression for Carbon Cycling in Coupled Human and Natural Systems. (download) (download poster)

Detailed Levels for Tracing Matter (download)

Chen, H.-Y. (2007). Carbon Interview file (download)

Wilson, C.D., Tsurusaki, B., Wilke, B., Zesaguli, J. & Anderson, C. W. (2007). Draft: The Development of an Environmental Literacy Learning Progression:
Biological Diversity and Change over Time in Environmental Systems
(download)    ( download poster)

Tsurusaki, B. K., Anderson, C. W. (2007). K-12 Students’ Understanding of Connections between Human Engineered and Natural Environmental Systems. (download poster)

Jin, H.& Anderson, C. W. (2007). Developing a Learning Progression for Energy in Environmental Systems. (download poster)

Gunckel, K. L., Covitt, B. A., Abdel-Kareem,H., Dudek,R. & Anderson,C.W. (2007). Developing a K-12 Learning Progression about Water in Environmental Systems (download poster)


2007 NARST

Tsurusaki, B. K., Anderson, C. W. (2007). Students’ understanding of connections between human engineered and natural environmental systems:
Similarities and differences across grade level and context


2007 Other Presentations

Tsurusaki, B. K., & Gunckel, K. (2007). MSU Environmental Literacy Project. Presentation at MAEOE (Michigan Alliance for Outdoor and Environmental Education Conference). (download Data Examples handout) (download Loop Diagram handout) (download Interview Data handout) (download PPT)

Anderson, C.W.(2007). Student Interviews about Carbon-transforming Processes. Presentation at CRCSTL (The CENTER for RESEARCH on COLLEGE SCIENCE TEACHING and LEARNING) Seminar. (download Carbon Interview handout) (download Environmental Literacy Learning Progressions handout) (download PPT)

Wilke, B. (2007) Presentation at the conference of the Ecological Society of America, San Jose, CA. (download PPT)