Environmental Literacy                                        

      Michigan State University

Research Reports

2015 Publications

Covitt, B.A., Dauer, J. M., and Anderson, C.W. The tole of practices in scientific literacy. In B. Reiser, C. Schwarz, & C. Passmore (Eds.). Bringing next generation science & engineering practices into our K-12 Classrooms. (download Paper)


Presentations and Papers from the Annual Meeting of the National Association for Research in Science Teaching, Chicago, Illinois, April 2015

Anderson, C.W., Penuel, W. (2015). Learning Progression-based Systems to Support Environmental Science Literacy (Download PPT)

Doherty, J.H., Scott, E.E., Draney, K., Kim, J., & Anderson, C.W. (2015). Does Principle-oriented Instruction Improve Student Performance in Novel Contexts? (Download Poster)

Freed, A., Dauer, J., Tompkins, E., & Anderson, C.W. (2015). Do Students Improve Their Inquiry Practices After Carbon TIME Instruction? (Download Poster)

Gallagher, D., Welch, M.M., & Anderson, C.W. (2015). Implementing a Learning Progression-Based Educational System at Large Scales. (Download Poster)

Johnson, W. R., Miller, H.K., & Anderson, C.W. (2015). The Role of Scientific Curiosity and Curiosity about Student Thinking in Classroom Discourse. (Download Poster)

Miller, H.K., Johnson, W.R., & Anderson, C.W. (2015). A Draft Learning Progression for Principle-Oriented Classroom Discourse. (Download Poster)

Parker, J., Covitt, B., Dauer, J., & Anderson, C.W. (2015). Student Sense Making About Climate Change-Related Data (Download Poster)

de los Santos, E., Stapleton, S., & Anderson, C.W. (2015). Developing a Learning Progression Framework for Sustainability of Corn and Fuel Production Systems. (Download Poster)