Environmental Literacy                                        

      Michigan State University

Research Reports
Before 2007


Papers for Estes Park Meeting

Anderson, C. W., Abdel-Kareem,H., Chen,J., Cho,I-Y. , Covitt,B., Gallagher,J. , Gunckel,K. , Mohan, L., Jin,H., Sharma, A. , Tsurusaki, B. , Wilson, C. , Zesaguli, J. ,&Piety, P. (2006).  Draft: Environmental Literacy Blueprint  (download)                                 

Wilson,C. D. , Zesaguli, J. , and Anderson C. W. (2006). The development of a K-12 learning progression for diversity in environmental systems (download)

Mohan, L. (2006). Carbon Cycle 2006-2007 Teaching Modules Descriptions (download)

Zesaguli, J.(2006). Colorado Pre- and Pose-Tests anysis    (download)

Jin, H.(2006). Energy: Introduction to Curriculum (download)

Abdel-Kareem,H. (2006). Santa Barbara Selected Water Assessment Results (download)

Education Week Commentary: Anderson, C. W., Gunckel, K., and Covitt, B. (2006, September 13).  Preparing for the real enemy:  Failure to understand science is a national-security  issue-and not for the reasons you think. Education Week, 26(3).   (download)

Papers and Slides from 2006 NARST Presentation

Presentation PowerPoint Download

Paper Set

Anderson, C. W., Sharma, A., Mohan, L., Cho, I.-Y., Jin, H., Wilson, C., et al. (2006). Overview of narst multiple paper set: Learning progressions toward environmental literacy. Paper presented at the NARST, San Francisco. (Download)
Discussant: Richard Duschl

Cho, I.-Y., & Anderson, C. W. (2006). Understanding of matter transformation in physical and chemical changes: Ecological thinking. Paper presented at the NARST, San Francisco. (Download)

Mohan, L., Sharma, A., Cho, I.-Y., Jin, H., & Anderson, C. W. (2006). Developing a carbon cycle learning progression for k-12. Paper presented at the National Association for Research in Science Teaching, San Francisco. (Download)

Tsurusaki, B. K. & Anderson, C. W. (2006). Connecting personal actions to environmental systems. Paper presented at the National Association for Research in Science Teaching, San Francisco. (Download)

Presentation in GSA (Geological Society of America) North-Central Section Meeting

Covitt, B. & Gunckel, K. (2006). A K-12 Learning Progression to Support Understanding of Water in the Environment. (PowerPoint Download)

KBS Annual All-Scientist Symposium and Poster Forum    Flyer

Presentation in 06 KSI (Knowledge Sharing Institute):

Anderson, C. W., Covitt,B., Gunckel, K.,   Mohan, L., Cho,I-Y. , Jin, H. Wilson, C. D., Lockhart,J. , Sharma,A. , Tsurusaki, B.,& Gallagher,J. (2006). Learning Progressions towards Environmental Literacy (PPT Download)

Anderson, C. W., &Jin, H. (2006). Energy Performances in the K-12 Curriculum (PPT Download)

Presentation in 2005 ESA (The Ecological Society of America) Annual Meeting

Anderson, C. W., Mohan, L., & Sharma, A. (2005). Developing a learning progression for carbon cycling in environmental systems. Paper presented at the Symposium of Pathways to Scientific Teaching in Ecology Education, Montreal, Canada. (Download)

Other Papers

Wilson, C. D., Anderson, C. W., Heidemann, M., Merrill, J. E., Merritt, B. W., Richmond, G., et al. (2006). Assessing student's ability to trace matter in dynamic systems in cell biology. Michigan State University. (Download).