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Latest Papers and reports

Anderson, C.W(2010, December). Learning progreesion, national standards and environmental science literacy. Presented at waterbury lecture, Pennsylvania State University. (PPT, Handout)

Jin,H.& Anderson, C. W. (2010, Novermber). Developing a Learning Progression for Energy and Causal Reasoning in Socio-ecological Systems. Presented at MSU Science Education Seminar (PPT)

Anderson, C. W.(2010, March) Learning Progressions for Environmental Science Literacy. Presented at NRC Science Framework Committee (PPT, Paper)

2010 NARST Conference



Jin, H., & Anderson, C. W. (2010, March).Developing a Long -term Learning Progression for Energy in Socio-Ecological System. (download PPT, Paper)

Chen, J., Anderson, C. W., Choi, J., Lee, Y., & Draney, D. (2010). Assessing K-12 students’ learning progression of carbon cycling using different types of items (download PPT )

Jin, H., Zhan, L., & Anderson, C. W. (2010, March). A Cross-Culture Study: Comparing Learning Progressions for Carbon-transforming Processes of
American and Chinese Student . (download PPT, Handout, Paper )

Onyancha, K. M., & Anderson, C. W. (2010, March)Matter and Energy Transformation: an Investigation into Secondary School Students' Arguments . (download PPT, Paper)

Schramm, J., Wilke,B., & Anderson, C. W. (2010, March). College Student Understanding of Carbon Transformation and Cycling Processes. (download Paper)


Gunckel, K. L., Covitt, B. A., Salinas, I, & Anderson, C. W. (2010, March). Teacher Response to Assessments of Understanding of Water in Socio-Ecological System: A Learning Progressions Appraoch (download Paper)


Covitt, B. A., Tan, E., Tsurusaki, B. K., & Anderson, C. W. (2010, March). Students’ Use of Science in Making Socio-ecological Decisions. (download Paper )