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Carbon cycle
Teaching Materials

The Carbon strand has two sets of materials available. One is the MSP Plant Teaching Experiment (Unit). Another is a set of 6 units from the Carbon TIME (Transformations in Matter and Energy) Project.

The Carbon TIME project has developed several modules for the teaching experiment conducted at middle, and high school levels. Our teaching goal is to facilitate students to develop the scientific model-based reasoning--describing carbon cycling processes at multiple scales, from atomic-molecular to landscape scale, with matter and energy conservation as constrains. Each of our six units focuses on familiar systems and events that involve carbon-transforming processes.

To view and download the Carbon TIME teaching materials, you can click on the following link:

Carbon TIME Units

To view and download these teaching materials, you can click the following links:

a. 2012-2013 Plant Teaching Experiment
b. 2011-12 Plant Teaching Experiment
c. 2010-11 Plant Teaching Experiment
d. 2009-10 Carbon Teaching Materials
e. 2008- 09 Carbon Teaching Materials

For Professional development materials from 2012-2013, you can click on the following link

Professional Development Materials (2012-2013)

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